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 Darkul's First shopping trip

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Darkul Wyrmsbane
Warchief of the Thalwar Barbarians
Darkul Wyrmsbane

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PostSubject: Darkul's First shopping trip   Darkul's First shopping trip Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 10:19 pm

Darkul arrives at the gate and is halted by the man.
"Stop right there!"

" I see yer not dosin off again... Yer doin progress!"

"Oh, sir... Its you! So... where are you headed?"

" I hear there is Nice items in the knights HQ... I'm just gonna go take a look, maybe buy something..."
"Well then... you may pass."

"o' course i can... DUH"

Darkul walks through the opening gates and heads off towards the HQ of The Knights.

I am the Warchief of the Thalwar Barbarians!
We shall retrieve our honor, even if we lose our lives doing so!

Darkul's First shopping trip Darkul11
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Darkul's First shopping trip
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