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 Critical Hits

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Gale Danareth
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PostSubject: Critical Hits   Critical Hits Icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2007 1:43 pm

When you roll you attack roll, you can score a "critical hit".

The number you need to roll to score a critical is shown in the shop table, right before the price.

i.e. if you have a short sword (crit:19-20/x2), you score a critical hit if your attack roll equals 19 or 20 (before you apply your attack bonus). If you score a critical hit with a short sword, the damage roll will be multiplicated by 2 (19-20/x2).

Please note that some weapon have other multiplicators. It is sometimes x3. If the critical info shows only x3, you score a critical only on an attack roll of 20.

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Critical Hits
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