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Gale Danareth
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Gale Danareth

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PostSubject: Combat   Combat Icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2007 2:51 pm

A combat is done like this:

  1. Initiative roll (both opponents roll a d20 to know who will act first).
  2. Attack roll (you roll a d20)
  3. Damage roll (if your attack roll total is higher than the opponent's AC, you roll the dice/s listed in your weapon description)
  4. Opponent's turn (the opponent does step 2 and 3)

When you begin your turn post, start by saying what your character did (how he dodged the attack if he dodged, what he did or say when he took the attack if the attack hit). If you don't RP your combats correctly, we will warn you and you could get an EXP penality, which could make you go down a level.

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