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 Stats Bonuses

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Gale Danareth
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PostSubject: Stats Bonuses   Thu Dec 06, 2007 3:18 pm

Higher than normal stats give you bonuses on quite a few things.

STRENGHT: Your bonus of Strenght is added to your melee attack and damge rolls.

DEXTERITY: Your Dexterity bonus is added to your AC and your ranged attack and damage rolls.

CONSTITUTION: Your Constitution bonus is added to your HP at each level.

INTELLIGENCE: Your Intelligence bonus gives you bonus spells.

WISDOM: Your Wisdom bonus is multiplied by 10 and is added to your EXP income at the end of a mission or combat.

CHARISMA: Your Charisma bonus is multiplied by 10 and is added to your Gold income at the end of a mission.

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Stats Bonuses
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