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 Lvl 5 - Green Goblin

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Darkul Wyrmsbane
Warchief of the Thalwar Barbarians
Darkul Wyrmsbane

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PostSubject: Lvl 5 - Green Goblin   Sat Dec 08, 2007 6:57 pm

Here are the stats of the Green Goblin:

Level: 5
Final attack bonus: 6/1
Dammage: 1d10
Ac: 12
Health points: 70
ExPs: 400
Gold: 25
Location: Illar Plains
Rarity: common

The green goblins are the weakest of all the Goblins. They are short, but don't be fooled, they possess true strenght.
They absolutely LOVE a good fight that will improve them.

I am the Warchief of the Thalwar Barbarians!
We shall retrieve our honor, even if we lose our lives doing so!

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Lvl 5 - Green Goblin
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